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Wallet Trackers.

Tile Slim in wallet

Meet the newest member of the Tile family.

Tile Slim is easy to stick, slide or tuck into tight spots, like wallets, purses and passports.

Tile Slim in wallet icon

Incredibly thin.

Stick, slide or tuck into anything with a slim profile like wallets, purses and laptops.

Location on map icon

Ring your things.

Loudly ring your Tile Slim from your phone whenever it goes missing, or see the last place you had it on a map.

Find your phone icon

Find your phone.

Simply press any of your Tiles to make your phone ring–even on silent!

Customize ringtone icon

Customize your ring.

Tile Slim comes with four preset ringtones to choose from.

As thin as two credit cards, Tile Slim fits anywhere.

Tile Slim in wallet

Tile Slim in passport case

Tile Slim in handbag

Tile Slim on laptop

Two sleek designs, double the finding power.

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