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February 14

What do Couples Share the Most?

Sharing life experiences and emotions with others is proven to make people feel happier, healthier, and even live longer. And though people often use Tile to keep track of their individual belongings (like keys, wallets, or phones), you can also share your Tile with another person and experience some of those same feel-good/do-good benefits! 

When you share your Tile with friends and/or family, they can help you track your stuff down when it goes missing. Sharing a Tile means your trusted sharer can see your Tile’s location, ring the Tile, and be alerted when it’s found by the global Tile Network

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day...

We asked our friends and family the most common (and unusual) items they share with their S.O. It’s a little fun, a little curious, and hopefully inspires you and yours to live a more shareable life. 

Three most shared items: Car, our dog, airpods (until my partner finally got her own) 

Most unusual: Heating pad (we’re both secretly 90 and falling apart)

- Matt L. (New York)

Three most shared items: Single set of keys to our car for 5+ years (we finally paid $20 to get a second set made), food, house/apartment

Most unusual: The flu (not the most fun form of sharing)

- Olivia G. (San Francisco)

Three most shared items: Dog, credit card, apartment 

Most unusual: My fluffy beanie with pom poms (it keeps us both warm)

- Kate H. (Boston)

Three most shared items: Bluetooth speaker, Spotify account, bike

Most unusual: A fiddle leaf fig tree (it’s been with us since our first apartment) 

- Alex K. (Denver) 

Three most shared items: Credit card, Netflix account, slippers 

Most unusual: Slice of apple pie from Pie Hole (it’s the best pie ever)

- Peter F. (LA)

The more we share with others, the more connected we feel. Tile can help you keep track of your shared items so you can enjoy your time together doing the things you love! If you don’t have a Tile yet, try out the Tile Mate or our new Tile Sticker and @ us on Twitter or Facebook to tell us what you think. 

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