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Gas Pump - Tile

Wallet Fell Off Roof of Car


James was pumping gas and he placed his wallet on top of his car.  25 minutes later, he remembered. Oh shoot - his wallet was gone. This is the worst nightmare of most drivers. 

Luckily James had Tile and knew he had a chance to find his lost wallet.  He was able to go back to the gas station and slowly follow the route where his wallet flew off the roof.  Amazingly, he was able to find the guy who picked up his wallet off the side of the road while driving up the street! WOW!   Another amazing tale of lost & found from Tile. 

"I stopped at a BP Station to fill up my tank. I left my wallet with 28 dollars in it on top of my car. I drove some 25 miles away before I noticed my wallet missing. I went back to the BP station where I got gas. I activated the find feature, stuck my phone out the window, and drove slowly up the street. All of a sudden my "circle dots" turned green and then the app turned solid green. Then it went away again. So I drove around slowly till I passed this guy. It went solid green. I backed up my car towards him and the app lit up again. I approached him and it turned green. I asked him if he had my wallet. He reached in his pocket and pulled it out. He had already spent most of the money but I was glad to get my drivers license and other things back. Without Tile I would've never found my wallet!

- James B,
Carrollton, GA 

Wallet - James

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