#TileTale: To Know Where it is, First Know Where it Isn’t

By: Amy

Last year, Gary and Martha Stirk put Tiles on all their valuables before going on vacation and had a great time. Although they didn’t lose anything on their trip, the simple act of getting prepared saved them both a lot of trouble just a few months later.

In February, Martha tripped in a parking lot and fell and broke her Tibia and Fibula bones at the knee. Gary grabbed her purse before jumping in the ambulance to the hospital in a frenzy. He knew they’d need her ID and Medicare info for the complicated insurance and admittance processes. 

Many relatives came into town to help out and support Gary and Martha while Martha was in the hospital, which also meant that there were lots of people passing around her things. After a week in the hospital, Martha was transferred to a rehab center and needed her ID and medical info—but due to all the commotion of the week, her purse was nowhere to be found.

Between visiting cousins, medical staff and their daughter, at least five different people had handled her purse, so it was hard for Gary to know where even to start looking. Plus, everyone had their own opinion on who had it last or where it could’ve ended up. 

Then, Gary remembered their Tile.

A former Apple engineer, Gary’s tech-savvy instinct kicked in, and he decided to reverse-engineer the finding process. His philosophy is that when you lose something, it’s just as helpful (or maybe more helpful) to know where your Tile isn’t, as it is to know where it is. The process of elimination seemed like the best approach since their search had been fruitless up to this point.

Gary is a Tile Premium user, so he could use 30-day Location History to see everywhere the Tiled purse had been over the course of the last month. He used his Tile app to virtually retrace his steps and quickly determined it wasn’t at their house, the hospital room, the surgery outpatient room, or the hospital Lost and Found. 

It was 30-day Location History that helped them find Martha’s purse in the end. It was wedged between the door and the passenger side seat of their car, which their daughter had used to go back to school after visiting Martha in the hospital—though she claimed she had already looked and it wasn’t there. The app had shown several location updates along the interstate, including one place she had stopped for gas. 

Their daughter was able to return the purse immediately—instant relief! With the purse back, the couple could start Martha’s recovery journey and focus on the “real stuff” of getting better. 

We’re pleased to share that Martha’s recovery is going well and she and her purse have been reunited.  Has Tile helped ease a stressful situation for you? Share your story with us on social using #Tileit!

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