Three back to school tales from Tile


Break out the notebooks and backpacks, school is starting back up, and with it comes busy schedules, extra curricular activities, and, of course, so many things to keep track of. To get you in the scholastic mood, we wanted to share these real-life stories from our community:

“The kids would have been late to the first day of school, if not for my wonderful Tile!”

Riding high on the excitement of first-day jitters, Janice loaded her daughters into her car and attempted to start the engine with her keyless ignition system...but it wouldn’t budge. She searched in her bag for her key fob, but couldn’t find it, so she ran into the house, phone-in-hand, ringing the keys as she went:

“We searched for them following the ring and finally found them inside the kitchen cabinet!  The girls and I were hysterical laughing.   They were inside a brown bag from our latest grocery trip!  I truly would not have found the keys for days…. Thank you Tile!”

“I pressed the button and heard welcome chirping from a dark workroom.”

When Steve’s daughter returned from school without her jacket, he was a little worried. But when she realized that she also didn’t have her keys, he was suddenly reassured. He had attached a Tile to her keys and had a strong hunch that they were in the pocket of her lost jacket.

“Last Monday, Tile spotted her keys, near the gym in her middle school! Someone with the app running must have walked close enough to the key to hit the network….  Coincidentally, we ran into a friend who worked at the school, and she got us into the gym, but we didn't see the keys.  

Tile's signal got stronger as we walked through on the far side of the gym, Tile went green. I pressed the button and heard welcome chirping from a dark workroom that's usually locked, and found her coat —  keys in pocket —  among a heap of other abandoned clothing!”

“Thank you so much for this awesome invention!”

For most of us, losing our stuff is an annoying inconvenience, it sidetracks our day and eats up our time, it doesn’t ruin our day. For others it’s literally a matter of life and death. Christie’s son, is the perfect example of how Tile can be a real lifesaver:

“My 9 year old has to carry a ton of medical supplies on him daily from room to room at school and in the real world. We have tiles on some of his more expensive devices and the ones he needs to manage his care daily. Today, at lunch, he misplaced his Omnipod PDM, which he needs to give himself insulin at lunchtime or he can't eat. He panicked but then remembered he had the tile app on his phone. He quickly pinged the device and was able to track it down. Without it an entire school would have been searching for it frantically as it's the only way he can get insulin.

Worth every penny and then some for the peace of mind and knowing that his important medical devices can't be misplaced for long!”

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