The best way to find your lost wallet in a movie theater.


At Tile, we receive incredible stories of Tile community members overcoming unbelievable odds to be reunited with their lost keys, luggage and phones. While it’s hard to say that losing any one item is more inconvenient than losing another, replacing your lost wallet may objectively require the most effort — canceling all of your cards, replacing your license and insurance info, not to mention the sentimental keepsakes.

On his way to the gym, early one Saturday morning, Joe realized he didn’t have his wallet. Immediately his mind went to his kids. That same afternoon he was supposed to drive his son to an indoor track meet — a big one — about four hours away.   

“I would have been forced to replace all the credit cards, get a new license and certainly the track meet would not have been possible.” 

Then, Joe remembered two very important things:  He left his wallet in the cup holder at the movies the night before.  His wife had given him a Tile last Christmas. 

He had placed his Tile in his wallet, activated it and, unfortunately, deleted the Tile app from his phone shortly thereafter to free up some storage space. (No hard feelings, we’ve all been there.) Joe wasn’t even confident that his Tiles still worked! He quickly downloaded the app and it immediately connected to the remaining Tiles he had laying around the house — there was hope! 

Joe quickly (but safely) drove to the movie theater, and with the consent of the manager, scanned the premises with his phone. With the Tile app as his guide, he darted between aisles, ducked under curtains, and dashed through hallways. He even checked the men’s restroom. In there, he could pick up a weak connection-- he could see the dotted green ring in his app--but alas, he couldn’t fully connect to his Tiles. Nearly defeated, Joe made one final request to the staff of the cinema house, “would you mind checking in the women's restroom?”

A female employee went in and heard the muffled but distinct melody of a Tile calling out to be found, but she couldn’t locate the song’s source. Joe, now so close to closing the case, politely asked if he could scan the facilities himself. When he was allowed in, Joe realized quickly that the search was going to be harder than he’d thought — it sounded like his wallet was coming from the ceiling!...But there was no way... Eventually, his thorough search concluded at the wastebasket. He opened the lid, reached under a bit of trash, and there he found his missing wallet! 

“All the cash was gone, but all my credit cards, drivers license, my photos, in fact everything I valued was present...I am now a huge proponent of Tile usage. I’m going to get Tiles for my family and throw one on my keys. Can't thank you all enough.” 

We’d love to hear your Tile tale; send it to [email protected] and you too could be featured on our blog.

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