Robin, the Atlantic and her lost keys


While enjoying a perfectly relaxing summer in the Hamptons with her family, Robin was out on a stroll at the water’s edge when she dropped her keys in one of the hardest places to retrieve them — the Atlantic ocean. Robin had tried to hand her son the keys to their car and they slipped through their hands just as a small series of breakers lapped up around their ankles.

The water quickly rose up to their calves and suddenly finding the keys amid the chop was a lost cause. They still gave it a try, though they come up empty handed (see video below).

Hoping for the best, Robin selected “Notify When Found” in the Tile app and proceeded to use her back up set keys until she could come up with a more permanent solution. Then the unbelievable happened,

“To my surprise tonight I got a message my keys were found! I cannot believe the Tile survived that stormy water!” Robin said, “The person that found it washed up on shore was nice enough to place it outside of their home so when we started to ring it, we heard it right away! It was located on a dark, beachy street with unpaved roads — The Tile was hanging on for dear life but still working!”

Robin found her keys with the help of the community, and with more than 10 million Tiles sold, Tile users make up our powerful finding Network that spans 230 countries and territories. Or in Robin’s case, her very own search party.

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