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Tile App - Turtle Pet Locator

Pet Tracker & Tile’s Tracking App Helps Find Escape Artist Turtle


People love their pets. We have heard of many people who Tile their dogs, cats, kids, but an upcoming trend happens to be turtles! After some research, we found that we have have 6 members of the Tile Community who are turtles (technically one is a tortoise). This shows the versatility of our product and how you can truly put it on anything that matters to you. When it comes to finding what matters to you, you turn to Tile. If you are a pet owner, we also encourage you to do what Dominic did and invite your neighbors to install the Tile App as well so our Community Find can help you out if your pet ventures past your property.

"My husband came home with the Tile from the Code conference. I thought what was the one thing I am always loosing and need to find. Its my Desert Tortoise, who is a master at escaping. Now I am able to find him quickly instead of searching the property when he leaves his pen."

Nicole R,

Learn more to learn more about how you can use our Tile tracking app as a pet finder

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