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How to find your stolen motorcycle, truck, or car with Tile’s Bluetooth tracking devices


Finding a stolen motorcycle in a bustling metropolis like San Francisco is no easy task. Unless, of course, your motorcycle is armed with a with Tile. Andreas Muno discovered the power of Tile as a lost item tracker when his $24,000 Agusta recently went missing from his Redwood City home, secretly carrying a Tile stashed under the seat. 

Of course, Andreas isn’t alone. In the US, nearly 700,000 motor vehicles are stolen every year— that’s roughly 80 every hour.

Unlike most of these missing trucks, cars and motorcycles, Andreas’ hog had a Tile attached to it. As soon as he realized his ride was gone he selected “Notify when found” in the app, ensuring that he would receive a notification if anyone in the Tile community's app updated the location of the Tile on his motorcycle. 

Andreas was notified by his app that his Tile had been found. He promptly contacted SFPD with his bikes' latest location. Sure enough, the motorcycle was exactly where the app reported it was, about 30 miles from his home in downtown San Francisco. Surprisingly, it was perfectly intact (even with an extra 300 miles of joyriding on the odometer). 

How to use Tile as a car or motorcycle tracking device: 

Every year, between 20,000-30,000 vehicles go missing. Tens of thousands of Tile community members use Tile to track their own. The average time it takes for the location of a motor vehicle to be updated after it’s marked as lost is just 9 minutes - making your Tile a pretty effective lost item tracker. Here's what you can do: 

1. Activate a Tile specifically for you car and leave it there. Check out our adhesives if you want to stick it somewhere more discreet.

2. Keep the Tile app running in the background of your phone. This will help keep the last location of your car up to date.

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