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How Community Find Works


Perhaps one of Tile’s most powerful features is our massive community find network. When your Tile is not nearby and it’s not in the last place the app recorded you having it, you can select “Notify When Found.” This sets every Tile app in our community on the lookout for your item. The next time any Tile community member comes within bluetooth range of your Tile, we’ll send you a notification. Plus, this whole process is completely anonymous and automatic, no one else will know the location of your item but you.

Here is a real-life Tile story about a Tile user, Paula, who used the Tile community to help her find her lost car keys:

“Two and a half weeks ago my husband and I went to the MGM National Harbor where our son was performing in the piano lounge. My husband drove his car, but since I'm a creature of habit, I grabbed my keys as we went out the door.  The next morning I couldn't find them, and we went all over the house with the Tile app — no luck.

That's when I realized what had probably happened. I notified the restaurant and lounge and filed a report with the Lost & Found at MGM, but they hadn't been turned in.  Then, two days ago, I got a notification — my keys location had been updated by someone in the Tile community! Coordinates for their last location took us right back to MGM, and sure enough, their Lost and Found had them.

I had no idea Tile could do this - forever grateful and definitely a fan!”

Paula S.

Oxon Hill, MD.

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