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Find Magic: Lost (and Found) Stories From Our Community This Holiday Season

By: Jennifer

The holidays are here and in full swing!

To us, this time of year means time with family and friends, connection, and moments of joy. But with all the hustle and bustle – traveling to Friendsgivings, holiday parties, and searching endlessly to find the perfect gift – we’re bound to lose a few things.

So this year, we asked you to share your #TileTale about losing (and finding) your things on social and gave away over 200 free packs of Tile Stickers. We heard a lot of wonderful stories – ones of giving and caring – so we wanted to celebrate some of them here and share how the Tile community came together to find magic this season.

Find Magic Tile Tale

Find Magic Tile Tale - Monitor

Find Magic Tile Tale - Car Keys

Find Magic Tile Tale - Cat

#FindMagic Vending Machines

We also set up #FindMagic vending machines around the world this season where people could share their #TileTale in exchange for a free pack of Tile Stickers. 

Find Magic Tile Tale - Vending Machine

Find Magic Tile Tale - Vending Machine (2)

Our goal at Tile is to inspire our community and help people have a happier holiday season. We'll be sharing your #TileTale all season long, so tag us on Twitter or Instagram and share the magic of Tile this holiday season.  

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