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Drone Tracker - Tile’s Bluetooth Tracking Locator Helps You Find Your Drone


Drones and quadcopters are very expensive. While Tile is not a GPS, its great for finding your drone in the tall grass or in a tree. It could make the difference between locating your drone in 5 minutes versus 15 minutes. Also, its very affordable and durable. While other trackrs may fall apart upon impact, Tile is ultrasonically welded and graded to last a year even if it gets wet. Protect your RC investments with a Tile.

"I pre-ordered a 4 pack of Tiles the moment I saw an advertisement for this revolutionary game-changing product, I just knew I had to have it! You see over the last year I have become an avid UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilot who's primary goal is to shoot amazing aerial photography and video. I use some fairly expensive camera equipment mounted beneath a Blade 350 QX2 on a jelly mount attached to an electronic gimbal. The whole setup costs over $1000 and even though the particular model I use has onboard GPS and WiFi, it's very difficult to actually retrieve the telemetry data and as I have found out the hard way, it's impossible to retrieve in the event of a "fly-away" or an unfortunate crash.

So here's my story… Literally the day I installed a Tile into the body of my quadcopter I was out in an open-space behind my house here in Boulder Colorado when suddenly I lost control of my drone! It took off and had apparently lost it's GPS signal due to (what i'd later discover) a solar flare hitting the upper atmosphere! My precious equipment just flew away like it had a mind of its own! Nooooo! I immediately pulled out my iPhone to mark my current location. I then drew a line on the map in the direction I last saw the UAV before I lost sight of it. From the looks of it, I think it likely crashed about a mile away which normally would make it very very difficult to find. Right when I was starting to lose hope I had an epiphany!……I had just installed a new Tile inside my Drone! This will be the perfect opportunity to test out this great new product if it works the way it says it's supposed to.

So I began running in the direction I last saw my UAV before I lost it.

As I neared the area where I thought it might be, my heart suddenly sank, as I realized there were lots of houses around and finding this thing might be next to impossible. It could be on a rooftop, high up in a tree, in a pond, or just behind a private residents fence line. I can't just start snooping through people backyards but fortunately I CAN activate and report the Tile as lost! Quickly, without hesitation I launched the Tile app. To my surprise I was instantly given a physical address for it's location which meant I was close! I went to the address I was given via this amazing app and immediately scanned the front yard… but didn't see anything…It must be either on their roof or in their fenced in backyard so I decided to knock on the persons front door. They answered and I quickly showed them the app and explained what was going on hoping they would allow me to check around their property? Thankfully the woman who answered was very nice and understanding. She asked me how I tracked it and I told her all about Tile. She exclaimed "That would be perfect for finding my dog who constantly escapes and apparently thinks he's allowed to walk himself whenever he wants ;)" I quickly fired up the app and used it to go around to her backyard, where to my satisfaction, I located my missing $1000 worth of equipment!!! Hooray for Tile!!!

You guys are the best! Keep it up and thanks again for building a top notch product. I fully support Tile and will be recommending it to as many people as possible!..especially others I know that fly UAV's! Thanks so much!

One majorly happy customer", Chad L.

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