Furry Finders- Tile’s Cutest Pets of the Summer

By: Cheryl

Before summer winds down and we start to prepare ourselves for PSLs, crunchy leaves, and of course spooky season- here’s a quick roundup of this summer's cutest pets with their pet trackers submitted by Tile users from around the world!

1. @pepsithepotato is cooler than all the humans in town, obviously.

2. Fancy a summer afternoon siesta? @pigglesworth_thefrenchton has got the right idea, feeling bad and boujee out on the patio furniture. Just look at that perfectly styled dog collar with a black Tile Pro tracker.

3. Who run the world? PR teams. @shadowtheprcat is very unimpressed and judging your long lunch breaks.

4. @macho_hogan is just hoping summer lasts forever. Don’t we all Hogan, don’t we all.

5. @husky_named_lucas exploring the deep wilderness in rustic NYC and loving it.

6. @livingwithrascal solemnly swears he’s up to no good.

7. Behold, the Child. @yodathedccorgi is so so happy to see us. Likewise, buddy.

8. Just a couple of pawsome pals relaxing in the back seat after a long hot day exploring the great outdoors. Courtesy of @noswitchbackkat.

9. @littlerobthomasthecockapoo serving us a major floral moment.  

10. “I’m camouflaging MOM!” We recommend the limited edition Tile Pro Wild Beast design for next time. Image via @faridcatexplorer.

11. And a last one from @charlotte_the_demon_dog to properly send you off into Fall with some cute fluffy nightmares.

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