Paratrooper Finds Lost Keys After Helicopter Jump

By: Zahra

Tile is a powerful key finder that's ready for anything!

Most of us just take our keys to and from the house, but if you live a slightly more extreme lifestyle and have been wondering about what Tile can take--this story is for you.

Since your Tile tracker is a piece of tech, you might think it's a bit fragile, which could be an issue if you like to live on the adventurous side of life. The truth is that your Tile is pretty tough! Tiles are designed to be water, drop, and temperature resistant so you never miss a beat.

And that durability sure came in handy for Michael. Like many of us, Michael put a Tile on his keys to help him find them faster day-to-day. However, unlike many of us, Michael has a pretty extreme day-to-day job as a U.S. Army Paratrooper in the Eastern Armed Forces.

Read on to discover what happened when Michael lost his keys jumping out of a helicopter and how he got them back with Tile:

“So yesterday, like a true American hero, doing the manliest of man things, I jumped out of a helicopter at about 1,500 above the earth. Well, something fell out of my pocket. Turns out it was my keys. And normally when you lose something on the Dropzone, it belongs to the Dropzone. Never to be found again.

Didn’t realize this until I got home at the end of the day. That’s when I was like, “Oh man, I’m screwed. I can’t even drive back out there.”

Well, I got a ride from a friend (another great American hero). And then we ran about a mile and a half out just to get close. Alas! My phone said we were close.

But luck was not on our side. The cold weather of Germany shut my phone off. My compadre downloaded the Tile app, I logged in (with my great memory skills), and it was confirmed.

But the sun was setting. We knew we had to hurry. We were close. As soon as he asked how to make it ring, I spotted them. Laying in the middle of a muddy road. About 10 ft. away from where we were. They were muddy and beaten. But not broken.

Upon our return from the success of our glorious mission, we toasted the creators of Tile over delicious German beers."

An extraordinary adventure deserves an extraordinary key finder like Tile Pro, or even our limited editions!

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