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Tile Tale October Edition - Hero

The Top Tile Tales of 2019

By: Jennifer

The year is winding down, the holidays are upon us, and we have something special for you! 

Tile Tales from our community are the gifts that keep on giving. Silly, sweet, sometimes strange; these stories inspire new products and use cases, make us laugh (and sometimes cry), and consistently remind us exactly why we do what we do. Simply put, your stories are so spectacular that we curated some of our favorites of 2019 right here for your reading pleasure. We hope you enjoy these Tile Tales as much as we do. 

Important Passport/Life Lessons

The Top Tile Tales of 2019 - Passport

“So so happy that I attached a Tile to my passport. I have been planning a trip to Washington, D.C. for over 6 months now. I didn't even know it was missing till last night. I opened my tile tracking app and to my surprise the tracker last showed a location of the car rental building at Gatwick. I rushed down there hoping it had not been sent to the passport office where they would definitely destroy it. I also didn't have the emergency contact details filled in at the back of the passport. A few lessons learnt:

1. Never let your passport out of your sight

2. If it goes back to the passport office it will be destroyed.

3. Make sure it has contact details in it.

4. Make sure a @tile is firmly attached to it.

5. Keep it in a special wallet or bum bag.

Super lucky to have found it!” @robbielockie

We’re so glad that Robbie found his Tiled passport in time to catch his trans-Atlantic flight—and learned a few important lessons in the process. 

Digging through the Trash

The Top Tile Tales of 2019

Everyone will remember a time in their lives when they had to dig through the trash. Likely to find your retainer in middle school—Heather’s story is the #adulting version of that. Luckily, Tile’s ring feature makes it a bit easier to dig through food scraps to find what you’re looking for. But don’t forget gloves!

Surviving Life's Ups and Downs

The Top Tile Tales of 2019 - Testimonial

There are those times you drop something and think you’ll never get it back. We sure couldn’t imagine getting something back from an elevator shaft. But life can surprise you. Our ping feature goes a long way! Also, no shade but, maybe time for a new wallet?

"Thankfully no old fish in the same trashbag"

The Top Tile Tales of 2019

“Shoutout to the person who threw my keys in the dumpster last night. (They May have fell in)

These dumpster-diving stories totally warm our hearts. Soon we’ll have enough pics to round up our favorite protective trash outfits. In the meantime, keep track of those keys, people!

Pokey the Tortoise

Top Tile Tales of 2019 - Pokey The Tortoise

We were so glad to hear that Pokey found his way back home to his loving family. Hot tip: a Tile Sticker is cheaper than a pet detective. Also, we live for your tortoise stories and there are WAY MORE out there than some might think. Keep ‘em coming, people, but also take good care of your sweet tortoises!

Like Finding a Needle in a Haystack

The Top Tile Tales of 2019


That’s it for now—and thank you to all the people who shared their stories with us this year! As you enter 2020, tell us how you’re using your Tiles to stay sane and organized—or just tip us off if something crazy happens, so we can join in on the fun. 

If you have a #TileTale share it on social and tag us @Tile on Instagram or Facebook, or @TheTileApp on Twitter to see your Tile Tale featured in a future round-up!

Thanks for being awesome.

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