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Tile Tale October Edition - Hero

#TileTales Community Round-Up: October Edition

By: Zahra

We love reading customer stories.

We print them out and post them around our office, we read them out loud at our meetings, and we based our first-ever brand film on one. These stories remind us why we do what we do and they keep us coming back every day.  

We call these customer stories Tile Tales, and we’re sharing a few of our favorites from the past month.

Sometimes the Tile Tales you share with us reflect exactly why we created this product: to help people kick butt, find things, and never look back at another Monday morning spent tearing apart the house for your backpack. Other times, (and between us, we love these the most) you all show up with wacky, can-you-believe it use cases and scenarios that rip through our internal Slack channels like lightning: “Check out this guy who put it on his Chapstick. Genius!” or “Can you believe this paratrooper lost and found his keys after a jump?”

(In fact, many of these customer stories helped inform our new Tile Sticker)

We have a habit of sharing and resharing your stories on social, but we love the Community’s Tile Tales so much we decided to try something new in October and share a few gems here! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Got a #TileTale? Share it on social and tag us @Tile on Instagram or Facebook, or @TheTileApp on Twitter to see your Tile Tale featured in a future community round-up! 

Tortoise woes

Tile Tales October Edition - (2)

You guys had a shell of a time with our tortoise tweet, and frankly, we’re impressed! It opened a floodgate of stories about beloved tortoises who had gone missing. And so it begs the question—should we institute a special turtle-finding division on our support page? We know these little guys like to roam (they’re faster than you think!), and thankfully Tile Sticker can help give them some freedom! It’s a heck of a lot easier than tying a balloon to them, after all. And speaking of giving your pets a happy life...

Old dog learns a new trick

Tile Tales October Edition - (3) can you not be rooting for this hearing-impaired doggo? Tile helps build trust and confidence between him and his human. Bring on the adventure walks!

Solve the problem at the source

Tile Tales October Edition - (4)

We all know someone who desperately needed to do this in their twenties. Or, maybe we were that person. Or maybe we are that person. No judgment here. Anyway, if you don’t want to hole-punch—might we suggest a Tile Sticker or wallet-friendly Slim

No Poké ball, no problem

Tile Tales October Edition - (4)

We considered changing our motto to: Tile will help you “catch ‘em all” but copyright issues are a real thing, friends. If only Pokemon themselves had ringers for easier finding! Tile + the kindness of strangers = an unbeatable combo.

Ok, this one's in here for us.

Tile Tales October Edition - (5)

Cue the warm and fuzzies! Missing important events, like a big preso to your boss or your kid’s champion sports game, can be a major stressor...and lead to some really awful car rides. We’re proud to help solve real-life problems and create more harmonious households. 

And as the holiday season approaches, we continue to look forward to hearing your Tile Tales, too! Tell us how you use your Tiles to simplify a stressful season, or simply share your wacky/genius/believe-it-or-not stories to make us laugh and inspire others like you. Hold onto your shells, folks!

Live we mentioned above, if you have a #TileTale share it on social and tag us @Tile on Instagram or Facebook, or @TheTileApp on Twitter to see your Tile Tale featured in a future community round-up!

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