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Tile Tale Thanksgiving

#TileTale Community Round-Up: Thanksgiving Edition

By: Zahra

This Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for: a new line of Tile tracking devices, our great colleagues, and a community of Tile users who go above and beyond to help others. What’s not to love? 

Given the time of year, we thought it might be fitting to share a few more of our favorite community mentions around the theme of being thankful. We’re particularly thankful for those of you who participate and contribute to Community Find! (You can read more about Community Find here.) 

If (and hopefully when) you help someone find a lost item, the person you found it for has the option to send you a quick, anonymous notification to say thanks! Because we all need a little bit of help sometimes, so we want to do our part to encourage finders to help find lost things and return those things back to their owners. That’s the magic of Tile.

This combined sense of gratitude, altruism, and community is a fundamental motivating force for our team, and we couldn’t do it without YOU. As a result, we’ve intentionally tried to weave appreciation and thankfulness into the Tile app. The attitude of gratitude is alive and well here at Tile HQ. 

TL:DR: Thank you. In addition to you, our Tile community, here are a few more things we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving. 

We’re thankful for the ability to find lost things

We appreciate the people that help others find things like wallets. If you’ve ever lost a wallet or purse, you know the panic, and dread that goes into replacing a lost wallet and its contents.  

Tile Tale Thanksgiving Edition

We’re thankful for people who help others 

We’re thankful for finders like Melville who go out of their way to help others find lost things. Bonus points for sharing it on Twitter - our social team thanks you! Remember, tag us on Twitter or Instagram and we’ll retweet or share your post. 

Tile Tale Thanksgiving Edition

We’re thankful for people who help their friends keep track

We all have our moments when we could use a little bit of help keeping track of things. With travel plans, gifts, shopping it’s easy to misplace or forget something important. But, with friends like Meg some of us can rest assured we’ll know where to find our things when we need them. 

Tile Tale Thanksgiving Edition

We’re thankful for saved time

Wallets, keys, and phones get lost in the endless layers and pockets needed for daily life in the winter. It’s quite literally part of our nature to lose things. That said, it’s nice to locate things quickly to save time and get on with your plans without spending 20 minutes searching. 

Tile Tale Thanksgiving Edition

We’re thankful for new acquaintances 

This is a new one. Shoutout to Doug for figuring out a new ice breaker to use at conferences. 

Tile Tale Thanksgiving Edition

We could go on for a while--but we’ll stop here for now. For those of you who have contributed to Community Find, THANK YOU! We truly appreciate your help making the world a simpler, happier place. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Do you have a #TileTale that you want to share with our team? We’d love to hear about it! Tell us on Twitter or send an email to [email protected]

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