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Tile HQ’s Favorite Things to Simplify Your Life

By: Amy

Tiles were designed to help simplify life, so our team almost always has organization on our minds! From Tiling everything we own to scooping up the latest smart devices for streamlining our homes, we have an endless supply of tech-related lifehacks for making life a little easier. And now that the new year is in full swing, we thought we'd share some of our "smart living" tips with you.

Stefanie B., Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Nest X Yale Smart Lock

“I can monitor my home from anywhere using the app, and I never have to worry about losing my keys! Plus, I can create temporary passcodes for visitors, which makes having guests way less inconvenient.”

Martynas P., Sr. QA Engineer - Philips Hue Smart Lights 

“Helps me instantly settle in when I get home, especially at night. Hands-free control is super helpful to me too, since I’m always arriving home carrying bags, groceries, etc.”

Sharon B., Associate Marketing Manager - Google Nest Mini 

“This helps me get out the door faster. With just my voice, I can play music, set alarms and check the weather, all while multitasking and getting other things done.” 


Sarah D., Head of Communications - Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

“A multitasker’s dream...I can have my podcast playing or listen to the news while doing chores around the house or getting ready for the day. I even bring it when I travel!”

Zahra T., Content Marketing Manager - Dyson Cordless Vacuum

“Never have I ever done so much vacuuming and actually enjoyed it. The vacuum is light and cordless, so it makes lifting furniture less of a pain, meaning the nooks and crannies get cleaner. Bring on the white gloves!”

What products are you loving this year? Tag us and use the hashtag #TeamTile on Facebook or Twitter to share your best recommendations!

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