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Tile Holiday Gift Guide

How to Give The Best Gift Ever This Holiday Season

By: Zahra

For many, the most wonderful time of the year often becomes the most stressful time of year. Why? Gifts.

Finding the perfect gift is like solving a complex equation; the gift needs to be practical and personal, affordable, yet quality, and delightful enough to avoid getting tossed into next year’s white elephant gift exchange. Whether you’re shopping for significant others, family, coworkers or neighbors, we’re here to help you find the perfect present and win kudos that will hopefully last until the next holiday season. 

Solve a problem. 

Everyone has some vice or inconvenience they deal with regularly. Find a gift that helps address that inconvenience or helps someone overcome a recurring challenge– Does your significant have trouble keeping their phone charged? Consider a Nomad PowerPack (which has Tile finding capability!) 

– Is your neighbor always dashing home from work to walk their dog? Gift a dog walker service subscription. 

– Does your coworker frequently travel? Consider a travel pillow or eye mask to make plane rides more restful. 

Problem solved = gift giver extraordinaire. By making everyday routines more convenient, you’ll give a gift that keeps on giving.

Enable a goal. 

Get ahead of New Year’s resolutions and get something that can help someone achieve their goals. 

– Health and Fitness: Consider a fitness tracker, wellness app subscription (like Calm) or a healthy cookbook.

– Environment and sustainability: Look for reusable drinking straws or organic lotions -- or go smart with a motion light detector or smart thermostat to reduce energy usage.

– Self-help and motivation: Find an inspirational quote and turn it into art. Sites like fivverr provide access to freelance graphic designers and artists that can turn inspirational words into a piece worthy of a living room gallery wall. Gifting online subscriptions to educational sites like Masterclass and Lynda can inspire for years into the future.

These gifts send a message that you’re supporting your loved ones towards their best selves.

Have some fun.

Forget practical -- sometimes the best gifts are the ones you would never buy for yourself; they’re just pure fun. 

– Start small with succulent plants and candles, or go bigger with gift cards for Airbnb, a favorite restaurant or a spa.

– If your friend has a hobby, like baking or hiking, gift new bread pans or a hydropack (and slip a Tile into the pocket so it never gets lost).

– You can also provide a brand new experience with tickets for skydiving, an escape room, a play...whatever will bring a smile to their face is a gift worth giving. 

Key advice to remember: a fun gift is a memorable gift. 

At the end of the day, don’t sweat it. While we all appreciate a good gift, it’s ultimately the thought that counts. Well, that and a gift card always works if you can’t think of anything else. 

Do you have a gift idea that works well with a Tile? Share your thoughts by tagging us @TheTileApp on Twitter or @Tile on Instagram. 

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