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Tile Announces Apple Watch App


We're excited to announce that this Friday, the next version of our Tile iOS app will include a new Apple Watch app! Over 250,000 Tiled items are found every day and bringing the largest lost and found community to the world's most powerful watch will enable an amazing experience for new and current Tile users.

Tile on the Apple watch will allow users to find their keys, wallets, and everything else with a flick of a wrist. Bringing a smartphone app to the wrist is not without it's challenges. The engineering and design team at Tile thought about every interaction of how we could enhance the user experience for maximum utility. For example, "glance" instances will display a dashboard of tiled items to allow a user to quickly make sure they have everything before leaving a place. This will be our version of the "pants pat-down" or "double-checking your purse" before you walk out the door. In addition to being able to find your iPhone with the Apple Watch, you can also simply ring any Tiled object without even taking your phone out of your pocket or purse. Gain peace of mind being able to quickly check that things are exactly where they are supposed to be. Users will receive push notifications when lost objects are found by the Tile Community, and can even thank them anonymously with the tap of a finger.

The Apple Watch app will be available with a host of other personalization iOS improvements on Friday and will appear automatically if you have the Apple Watch timepiece. Tile on the Apple Watch is the easiest way to track down your lost keys or find your wallet.

Tile App - Apple Watch

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