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Lost my Phone in the Snow


Lost my Phone in the Snow

Losing your phone is the worst.

The only thing worse then losing your phone, is losing your phone in the snow.

All your apps, phone contacts, and your connectivity to the outside world are gone. Plus, your hands will inevitably get wet & cold trying to find it.

For Tile customer JoAlla, she was enjoying some time in Ski Country at Mammoth California, when her phone fell out of her pocket while sledding with her grandkids. After freaking out about not knowing its location, she was able to use her iPad to track down the Tile she had on her phone! Without Tile, she may have had to wait until spring for all the snow to melt!

"My phone fell out of my pocket into the snow in Mammoth. [I] retraced my steps with my tile app on my iPhone & heard the ringing. Completely buried in snow but found it! Thank you!"
- JoAlla G., CA

Due to Tile's loud melody and mapping functions, it's one of the best apps for snowboarders or skiers hitting the mountain up this winter.

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