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Tile App - Lost Baggage Travel

Tile Can Even Find Lost Luggage On Another Continent!


The following is a story about how the Tile Community helped a user find and recover his families lost luggage using the Community Find feature. This shows the power of the Tile app while traveling, and how vast the Tile network really is. Our network is the World's Largest Lost & Found spanning over 140 countries. Losing your luggage and belongings can really ruin a vacation, so we are very thankful that we were able to help out this customer with Community Find and the key locator.

"On March 14, we headed back from Dubai completely exhausted from a week of hard work and a 2 a.m. flight. While hanging out with Tatiana and Ed in Zurich, I realized that my shoulder bag was gone. It was small and I'd left it behind before, so we figured we probably left it in the cab or in Dubai. I made some inquiries but nothing happened so we wrote it off.

Goodbye iPad. Goodbye Kindle Voyage. Goodbye Tatiana's keys. But wait – I marked the Tile on Tatiana's keys "as lost", so there is still a chance. Someone with Tile just has to get within about 50 feet of it for the network to know where it is.

Then this morning we got an e-mail – our Tile was found! And we were only off by a continent – it was in Zurich, not Dubai. I called the Lost and Found and they couldn't find it. Then I forwarded them the Tile e-mail with the exact physical location of our stuff and three minutes later they had it!

Thanks to Tile for helping us get our stuff back!"

Ryan B.
New York

Check out some of Ryan's amazing Photograph's here.

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