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Lost Keys App Snow

Lost Keys while Shoveling Snow


We all love the snow, until it gobbles up our keys! Nothing is worse then searching through a foot of fresh powder looking for lost keys in the cold. However, if you have Tile, your keys are just a sweet tune away from being found. The following story is from our amazing community member in Illinois, who has lost his keys several times while performing annual winter driveway maintenance.

"I live in Illinois. Last winter, we got a ton of snow. While I was shoveling out my driveway, I lost my car keys. They apparently flew right out of the pocket of my hoodie.

I should've known that could happen because it had happened to me before, when I lived in Alaska! And it happened the same way -- hoodie, driveway, shoveling, exact same scenario. In Alaska, I ended up renting a metal detector and even that failed to find my keys. I had to get a whole new set made. My keys reappeared only after the snow melted (which was months later).

But this time, after digging around at every spot where I thought the keys could be, I used my Tile. And when the little song came on, it was much further away than I thought it would be. My keys hadn't just fallen out; they had fallen into snow and I had apparently scooped them up and thrown them across the driveway into a big pile. I would've never found them!"


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