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How to Simplify Your Home Using Smart Technology

By: Amy
Tile Tips01.22.2020

The kids are back at school, and this year you’re getting them out the door on time with homework and lunches in-hand. So, what’s the plan for running an organized home? Chances are you were gifted some kind of smart technology over the holidays, maybe even a Tile, but where do you begin? 

We’re here to help! Smart technology has made our lives easier and can help you enjoy more quality time with your family, which is what life is all about. Here are our tips for running a stress-free home in 2020. 

Get rid of things you don’t love, need, or use. Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it’s really the best place to start. Donate or recycle anything that doesn’t fit into one of these categories and begin the new year with less clutter and more space for items that truly “spark joy” for you.

Create a drop zone. Keep your important items (wallet, keys, backpacks) in one place when you enter and leave your home, so you know where they are at all times. This has proven to be incredibly helpful, especially for larger families where messes can multiply and getting several kids out the door in the morning can feel like an impossible task.

Bonus point: Attach a Tile Sticker to the things in your drop zone, so in case they go out of the drop zone, you can find them immediately. Of course, our things always are where we left them...except for that one time...when we found our keys under the fridge...but we digress. 

Develop a routine (and make it fun). We all know this, but a routine helps everything go smoother, especially for kids. But there’s also an assumption routines have to be boring. For example, turn brushing teeth into a dance party by letting your kids ask Siri to play their favorite song on your new Amazon Echo or Google Mini. And no, we unfortunately don’t know how to stop the obsession with Baby Shark. @ us if you figure it out.

Make wakeup a bit easier. No one likes getting out of their warm bed in the winter. To make waking up more enjoyable, use Nest to warm up your house from your phone while you’re still in bed (yes really) or try using a Philips Wake-up Light to slowly bring light into the room for a gentler wakeup. Now, that’s a nice start to the busy day.  

And most importantly, make time for family each day. We make it a point to prioritize this every day, because let’s be honest, things aren’t always going to go smoothly, but it’s the special unplanned moments together we’ll remember. 

What are your tips for simplifying your home life? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #Tileit. 

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