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How to find your phone with Tile


Finding your phone doesn’t have to be an odyssey, in fact, with Tile’s reverse ring feature, it’s as easy as pressing a button (twice). When you double press the button on your Tile, your phone will automatically start to ring — even on silent — allowing you to quickly find it when it’s nearby.

Here’s a true story of how Tile helped Ron find his phone and saved him from a huge hassle:

While working at a friends house, Ron misplaced his phone somewhere between the time he got out of his truck and got inside his friend’s home. He knew it couldn’t have been far, but he was having a really hard time locating it. After searching for a while, he got so fed up that he almost drove off without his phone.

Then he remembered the Tile on his key chain that his son had gifted him. Ron had attached Tiles to several of his things and was surprised when his phone was the thing that actually went missing. He gave his Tile a double tap and viola, his phone started ringing from in between his tailgate and his bumper, “a dark spot, not visible to the eye.” Ron said, “Had it not been for the Tile sounding off I would have had to drive off and would have lost my phone for sure!”

And like that, Ron was reunited with his phone.

Do you misplace your phone a lot? Reverse ring works on any Tile.

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