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Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Marquee | Tile

The Perfect Holiday Tech Gifts for Anyone on Your List

By: Zahra
Great Gifts10.16.2020

Finding holiday tech gifts in 2020 is easier than you think.

Have you been searching for the perfect gifts for your techie spouse, partner, friend or family member? Giving the best holiday tech gifts in 2020 may seem like an impossible task--especially if you’re working on a budget. But it really doesn’t have to be! 

If you need to find a gift for a techie, you’re in the right place. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the hottest gifts powered with Tile tracking that everyone on your list is sure to love. Like our complete Tile Starter and Performance Packs with the perfect assortment of products to fit their needs and hot limited edition Tile designs to show off their style.

Shop the best holiday tech gifts in 2020 using Tile’s holiday gift guide! Find something for everyone -- no matter who’s on your list.

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Why Tiles Are Great Holiday Tech Gifts

We all lose things--or at least know someone who does. It’s just plain human nature! Did you know that the average person spends about 15 minutes a day looking for missing stuff? And while it’s true that we don’t all lose things equally (some of us are constantly looking for something we just had whereas others only sometimes misplace their stuff), it’s always equally frustrating when we can’t find what we need.

Whether you’ve tried Tile before or you’re hearing about it for the first time today, one thing is for sure: you just found the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Tried Tile before? Head straight to our gift guide to shop our latest products.

How Tile Works: Tile makes finding things easy with our Bluetooth-enabled trackers and free, handy  Tile app. Simply place a Tile on the stuff you want to keep track of-- like your keys or wallet--and use the Tile app to find it whenever it’s lost.

Tile helps you find things that are lost at home or when you’re on-the-go: At home, or whenever your lost Tile is within Bluetooth range of your Tile app, you can use the app to make your Tiled item ring and follow the sound to find it. When your Tiled item (like your keys or wallet) is further away from you or out of range of your Tile app, you’ll see that last place you had your thing with you on a map and get easy directions back to it. If your lost item has moved from the last place you had it, you can use the Tile app to activate the global Tile Network.

Limited Editions Will Find Their Keys and Wallet in Style

Tile | Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Luxe

For the minimalist: Holiday Luxe and Midnight Luxe

Monochrome stripes make a statement--without going too far. Red Holiday or black Midnight Luxe will look good on anyone’s essentials. Help them track their keys and wallet without compromising their style.

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Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Camo and Kicks | Tile

For the cool kid: Camo and Nice Kicks

Sweet sneakers and abstract camo exist because everyone knows useful things should also look good. Gift Camo or Nice Kicks to the person in your life who loves things that simply work, so they can protect what they lose most. 

Shop Camo and Nice Kicks

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Jungle and Glow | Tile

For the adventurous spirit: Rose Glow and/or Jungle Bloom

Do you know someone who is still posting travel pics from their desk at home? Rose Glow and Jungle Bloom are for them! Help your giftee remember their phone/keys/wallet/bag etc. with designs that remind them of their last favorite vacay. 

Shop Rose Glow and Jungle Bloom

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Oiishi and Slurp | Tile

For your favorite foodie: Oishii and/or Slurp

Oishii and Slurp are a great choice for anyone who does a little happy dance when the food is on its way. Get them a Tile tracker, and soon they’ll be dancing to the sound of the ringtone their Tile plays when it’s finding their keys, wallet, purse, or anything else.

Shop OishIi and Slurp

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Level and Pet | Tile

For the fun one: Level Up and/or Pet-A-Palooza

If you know someone who fills your life with fun, return the favor with limited edition Tiles that will simplify their day and remind them of their favorite extracurriculars! Gamers and pet parents will love these colorful Tiles to help them keep track of their electronics and furry friends. 

Shop Level Up and Pet-A-Palooza

Tile Starter Packs and Performance Packs for All

Not sure if limited edition styles are right for your giftee? Maybe an assortment of our classic, best-selling Tiles will do the trick. It’s easy to give the gift of protection and peace of mind to anyone (or everyone!) on your holiday shopping list. 

Each Tile is uniquely designed to fit a specific item or lifestyle, and sometimes it’s hard to pick just one. Tile Starter Packs and Performance Packs were created just in time for the holidays and were built to make gifting simple! Each pack is made up of a mix of the very best of our essential trackers, plus free gift pouches for the perfect stocking stuffers.

Read on to learn what makes each tracker unique, and to see the new packs.

 Tile Slim | The sleek finder for narrow spaces.

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Tile Slim | Tile

We redesigned the Tile Slim to mirror the size and shape of a credit card so it fits perfectly in your wallet, luggage tag, notebook, jacket pocket, or anywhere else you have limited space. Plus, Tile Slim has a louder speaker and a longer-lasting battery that’s guaranteed for three years. 

Tile Mate and Tile Pro | The versatile and high-performance finders for all of your things.

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Tile Mate and Pro | Tile

These two finders are small, square, and also feature keyholes for easy attachment. Both Tiles are an evolution of the original, updated with enhanced reliability and performance, plus louder volumes and extended ranges. 

Mate works best when paired with your everyday things, like keys, purses, and phones. Pro is the way to go if you need more power, durability, or love a stylish look. It’s perfect for pets, luggage, and so much more. And on top of that, both Tiles come with a 1-year replaceable battery. 

Tile Sticker | The small finder that sticks to anything.

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Tile Sticker | Tile

Tile Sticker is the smallest tracking device we’ve ever made, meaning you can find even more of the (little) things you love. Stick it on your TV remote, or even a snowboard or surfboard! It’s just the right size and waterproof too, so you can get creative when and where you stick these devices. 

Compare Tile Tracker Specs

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Compare Tile difference | Tile

Tile Starter Packs and Performance Packs

These packs were specially-created to make holiday gifting simple. Pick from a collection of our very best trackers for a great price, plus free gift pouches!

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Tile Starter Pack | Tile

For the one who misplaces things: The Starter Pack

The perfect pair for their keys and wallet.

Shop the Starter Pack

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Essentials 4-pack | Tile

For the one who loses everything: The Essentials 4-Pack

Once they’ve tracked their keys and wallet, they’ll probably want to find their TV remote and tablet, too.

Shop the Essentials 4-pack

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Mate and Slim 4-pack | Tile

For the couple (or the friend with a lot of stuff): The Mate + Slim 4-Pack

Two sets of our best-selling Tiles for your two favorite people.

Shop the Mate + Slim 4-pack

Holiday Tech Gifts 2020 | Performance Pack | Tile

For the friend with a pet: The Performance Pack

Tile Pro’s extra durable case and extended range make it the best choice for pet parents who want to find their babies around the house. Plus, a bonus Tile Slim for their wallet so they’re always ready for walkies. 

Shop the Performance Pack

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