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Find your Lost Umbrella


Umbrellas are one of the most misplaced objects we know of.  We think that people tend to lose them because they are not part of our routine – we only tend to use them when it rains.  However, replacing an umbrella is not sustainable or cost effective. This is one of the reasons we partnered with Blunt Umbrellas to create the first smart umbrella with location.  It uses Tile Smart location to help you recover your umbrella if it goes missing. 

Recently we heard a great story from Jonathan from New Zealand who lost his umbrella & used the Tile Network to get it back.  In a little less than a month, another Tile customer walked near a particular restaurant in the suburban area in Auckland, NZ.  Jon was able to use last place seen to help find the area of his umbrella, and his wife was able to locate the exact restaurant and "ring it" to locate it behind the counter.  

We hear amazing stories like this all over the world. Check out the new Tile offerings here & learn about our collaboration with Blunt Umbrellas here.

"I have a "Blunt" umbrella that came with a Tile. The umbrella is very distinctive and also hard to replace. I was extremely sad that we lost it. 

After a month, someone in the tile app community found it and I got a notification in the app. I immediately drove to the location about 15 mins away and started asking at several restaurants. After some asking around, blank faces, and showing people the app I went home for the night. 

I also shared the Tile with my wife who continued the search accidentally when she stopped for lunch. The Tile was in range and she was able to ring and find it sitting in the corner behind the counter!

The Tile app saved me more than $100 and I've since ordered more Tiles! A normal umbrella would have been lost forever!

Cheers guys keep up the good work."  

Jonathan S.
Auckland, New Zealand

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