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Dropped my Keys Down an Elevator Shaft


Every time I step into an elevator I look down at that small gap between the doors and hold onto my keys tight. However, if you do drop your keys down there, it's nice to know Tile can help you get it back. While it may make logical sense that all keys fall to the bottom, a sweet ringing melody is great proof when placing a call to a special extraction team for key retrieval. I'd hate to be the guy standing underneath that elevator car while picking up those keys. A true story from Mark in New Jersey!

"My son dropped my car keys down an elevator shaft at a hotel from the fifth floor. We where able to make the Tile beep to locate what floor it was on and get them back.

I'm not sure what I would have done if not for Tile.
I was at a Marriott courtyard with my son at a baseball tournament in New Jersey. He needed to get his baseball bag out of the car so I took my keys and that's when it happened. It was insane how it made it through that tiny crack between the floors! Anyways, I started on the top floor hit the "find" button on each floor and listened for the beep. They were hanging on the side of the first floor. They had to call the elevator company to come in move the elevator to the top floor and shut everything down. Once the guy was under there, I hit the find button again and he quickly grabbed them!"

Mark W., New Jersey

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