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Your complete back-to-school shopping list


Contrary to popular belief, back-to-school shopping isn’t only for the classroom. Your kid’s school will have sent out a list of school supplies, but the school day begins and ends at home. That’s why we’ve compiled our own school year shopping rundown to make things as easy outside the classroom as they are during the school day. Supplement your teacher-approved supply list with these necessities, and make it the most seamless school year yet!

Organization Tools

Help your kids stay organized inside the home...maybe even taking some inspiration from teachers themselves. Small add-ons like backpack hooks, labeled bins or cubbies, either sorted by category (shoes, toys) or child (each kid has their own for storage) gives kids a clear place to put their belongings, as well as a sense of ownership over helping keep the house clean.

Simple, Healthy Snacks

Let’s face it: some days (for many families, most days) we just need a grab-and-go food solution. With a little planning, you can prep fast, healthy snacks or lunches that kids will be excited to eat—and keeping some pre-packaged items like dried fruit to have on hand never hurts, either. Chat with your kids about what they want to try out this school year, and have them go shopping or cook with you so they feel invested in the process. Stock up on reusables, like tupperware and no-waste snack baggies!

Tech Reinforcements

For those parenting moments when you wish you could clone yourself...can tech help you out? For bigger products, figure out what might fit into your life, and see if it’s worth investing in. Smaller additions like a set of Tiles (on sale for back-to-school now!) don’t need much deliberation, though. From keys to backpacks, laptops and sports bags...stick one on anything you’re ready to stop losing! (Or let’s be real...ready for your kids to stop losing.)

IRL Entertainment

Minimizing kid’s screen time while at home is a big priority for many parents, as tech addiction amongst teens and kids is a real concern. While 10 more minutes on the tablet can be an easy way to fill time, try to set up ideas for non-digital fun before the boredom hits. Get your kids a library card, head to the craft store to stock up on DIY supplies, enroll them in extracurriculars, or chat with your child to see what they want to prioritize during their free time this year. 

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