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Cell phone tracker: A new way to track your phone


Considering that we spend nearly three hours a day texting, browsing, posting and snapping on our phones it’s kind of shocking that they go missing so frequently. Fortunately it only takes about 16 seconds on average to to find your phone with Tile. That’s why we’ve developed this awesome new way you can use Tile to find your phone.

Here is how it works:  

Purchase or activate a new Tile. Name it something like “Find my Phone.” 

Place this Tile in a semi-permanent place in your home or office. This should be someplace where you know it will not be easily moved. Think about hanging it on your wall on a key ring or affixing underneath your desk or counter top.  

Tile Placement

Whenever your phone goes missing at home, or at the office, simply walk up to your designated find-your-phone Tile, and double press the “e.” Your phone will start ringing and you can locate it by sound — just like Tile. 


More phone finding facts: 

If you want to be proactive, here’s some awesome info about when you are most likely to lose your phone. 

According to our data, the most common time of day for losing your phone is between 2PM and 5PM. This is also a prime window for snack attacks. Your blood sugar dropping off after lunch, and your mind wandering, it can be easy to lose track of your stuff.

Tuesdays may be great days to book inexpensive flights, and the day when you are least likely to get in a car accident commuting to work, but they are bad news for people who lose their phones frequently. People use Tile’s reverse ring feature to find their phones more on Tuesdays than any other day of the week. 

Note: If you didn’t know, you can make your phone ring, even on silent, just by double pressing the “e” on your Tile. You don’t need to do anything different to your settings, just keep your bluetooth on and run the Tile app in the background on your phone.

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