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Introducing Tile Gen 2 & Find Your Phone


Get to Know Gen 2 Tile

We are excited to share the next generation of Tile with you today. The changes we have made, including Find Your Phone and a louder ring, all reflect direct feedback we have received from our two-million-strong Tile community. We listened, and we hope you will find your new Tile makes finding your most important stuff even easier and faster than before.

So what’s different? First, we created the easiest Find Your Phone functionality on the market. It works in three ways:

1. If you have your Tile but lost your phone, you can double-tap the "e" button on your Tile and your phone will ring, as long as it's within the 100-foot Bluetooth range. It works both ways – your keys can now help find your lost phone!

2. If you have neither your phone nor your Tile (perhaps they were in the same bag), or your phone is out of range, you can use our web app to locate your phone.

3. And third, you can turn your phone into a virtual Tile, so you can share it with someone else, then see it on a map or ring it from that device, regardless of operating system. That's right – you can find an Android device with an Apple device and vice versa.


Find Your Phone means that no matter where your phone is in relation to your Tile, or even if you don’t have a Tile at all, you can find your phone, quickly and easily.

Additionally, we made your Tile ring three times louder than the previous generation - now it's 90 decibels! So when you hit the “find” button, the tone your Tile plays will be extra loud - making it easier to locate your misplaced item, even if it’s buried at the bottom of a bag or stuck under a couch cushion.

We’ve always been focused on providing Tilers with the best quality, rather than just the most, features. We love hearing your #tiledit success stories, but we also value your feedback. The changes we made to these second-generation Tiles are a reflection of both of these values, and we can’t wait to hear how you put them to use.

If you don't have a Tile - no worries, the app is free and you can download now!

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