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Cat Trackers From Tile

Find Felix Faster With A Great Cat Tracker

By: Tile
Tile Tips11.09.2020

We love cats for their sassy personalities. However, their stubbornness can also be an inconvenience. These independent pets rarely come when called, so most cat parents end up thinking, "Wait a minute, where's my cat?" multiple times a day. If your cat is a sneaky hider or a determined escape artist, Tile can help them stay safe.

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How Tile's Cat Tracker Works

Cats love to wander off and explore, which can often lead to them getting into
trouble. Tile's Bluetooth cat tracker is the solution to your problems. With a Tile Mate, Tile Sticker, or Tile Pro, finding your cat will be a breeze.

You can loop or stick the lightweight, water-resistant tracker onto any cat collar. Our petite trackers are small enough that your kitty might not even realize it's there! To actually use the tracker, you just need to download the Tile app onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Once you have the app, you can press a button to locate your fluffy friend when they’re hidden somewhere nearby. Tap the “Find” button to make the Tile tracker on your cat’s collar ring. You can then follow the noise to wherever your pet has decided to hide.

Tile's Cat Tracker

Depending on the Tile product, the Bluetooth range to use the ring feature to find your cat is anywhere from 150 to 400 feet. If your cat goes outside this range, you can still get regular updates on your pet's location. The Tile Network uses crowdsourcing to keep an eye on your pet. Each time someone with the Tile app comes within range of your cat, Tile will update you on your cat's most recent location. The information is entirely anonymous, so no one but you will get this data.

Reasons to Use Tile to Track Your Cat

One of the most helpful uses for the Tile Bluetooth cat tracker is simply being able to find your cat when they hide. As every cat parent knows, cats manage to squirm into the weirdest places when they're scared or stressed. Want to reassure a nervous cat when company comes over? The Tile lets you locate their hiding spot behind a washing machine or under a couch, so you can give them extra attention.

If you have a mischievous cat whose curiosity is always taking them to strange places, Tile can help you make sure they behave. When your kitten is being suspiciously quiet, you can use your Tile Mate to find them before they scratch a hole in your brand-new couch.

Tile's pet trackers are especially helpful if you have an outdoor cat. Even if your yard is relatively bare, you might be surprised at just how well a cat can blend into long grass or decorative shrubs. You can ring the Tile to see just where your sneaky cat is hiding!

We know pet parents always worry about their furry friends, but Tile gives you peace of mind. In the unfortunate event of your cat wandering away from home, Tile can help you find them. The Tile Network updates your cat's location anytime they come within range of each other, so you'll get a notification telling you where to start your search.

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