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Best Dog Tracker for Pets | Tile

Protect Your Pup With the Best Dog Tracker

By: Tile
Tile Tips10.29.2020

As every pet parent knows, even the biggest, noisiest dogs can be surprisingly sneaky sometimes. A dog tracker is extremely helpful for times you find yourself struggling to locate your dog. Whether you need to convince a reluctant pup to take a bath or just want to give your furry friend more cuddles, Tile makes it easy to find them.

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Why Use a Dog Tracker?

Have you ever gotten home from work and been unable to find your dog? You walk through the door and notice dog food scattered everywhere, but your pup seems to have disappeared. By the time you finally find them hunkered down behind a laundry hamper, they've managed to devour enough treats to make them sick.

These sorts of scenarios happen all the time, and they're the perfect example of why you need a dog tracker. When your pet is an escape artist or a mischief maker, being able to know exactly where they are at all times can provide you with a lot of peace of mind. Even when your dog hides in bizarre places like inside a kitchen cabinet or behind a bookshelf, you can easily find them before turning your house upside down.

A dog tracker is especially useful if your dog is deaf or senile. If they are unable to come when called, a tracker can help you quickly locate them and ensure they are safe. Some trackers even have a ringer, so you can train your hard-of-hearing pet to come to you when it goes off rather than trying to shout loud enough for them to hear.

Taking all the guesswork out of locating your dog makes things a lot easier. Don't spend ages hunting for your dog when you are in a rush to get to doggy daycare before an appointment. Instead, you can walk directly to them and start getting ready for your trip.

How Does Tile's Dog Tracker Work?

Dog Tracker

To use the pet tracker, all you need to do is slip one of our smaller products, like the Tile Mate or Sticker, on your pet's collar. The Bluetooth-enabled device can then be paired directly with your Tile app.

When you want to find your pet, simply press the "Find" button. This will ring the Tile on your dog's collar, allowing you to find them quickly and easily.

If your pet has wandered outside of the Bluetooth range, you can see the last time and place their tracker was updated. Thanks to the completely anonymous Tile Network, every phone running the Tile app can scan for your dog's tracker and give you updates on your dog's location even when they're far away. This can help you find a neighborhood to start searching through in the unfortunate event of a lost pet.

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Why You Should Use Tile as Your Dog Tracker

If you want a dog tracker, there are plenty of options on the market. However, many discerning pet owners go with Tile. There are a few things that make Tile stand out from other dog trackers.

First of all, Tile products are compact and versatile. Unlike trackers like the Link AKC, a Tile device does not require a big, bulky collar. Instead, it just clips onto whichever collar you and your pet prefer.

Compared to options like the Huan Smart Tag, a Tile is also a lot sturdier. With fully waterproof options, you never have to worry about an enthusiastic pet accidentally damaging the finder.

Another perk of Tile is the massive range of the Tile Network. Some brands like Pawscout have a very small network just for pet owners. Meanwhile, the large Tile Network is used all over the nation. This increases the chances of your dog's location being updated if they go outside your Bluetooth range.

The final reason to use Tile is our user-friendly app design. The Tile tracking app is entirely free, and you do not need to sign up for a subscription, like you would with Whistle GO. So, don't worry about having to pay a monthly subscription just to use the tracker you purchased.

As you can see, Tile is a great way to make sure your pets are safe and happy. If you would like more information about which Tile models work best as a dog tracker, chat with customer care now. We are always happy to help you find the best way to keep track of your fluffy friend. To get more tips on using Tile with pets, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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