Travel Tips: How to Beat Airport Anxiety with Tile

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Tile Tips09.07.2021

For many people, airports can be pretty stressful places. There's the ever-present worry of finding and collecting all of your bags at the baggage claim, the nerves of making sure that everything is in order when you go through the TSA pre-check security checkpoints, the fear of somehow missing your flight or having to deal with delays (hello 'new normal'), and then the added anxiety of losing something you absolutely need for your trip, like your phone, passport, or wallet.

There are all kinds of airport anxieties as you make your way around the airport, and many people actively dread the process, even if they're excited and eager about their vacations in general. So what can you do to deal with baggage claim nerves and security fears? Well, this guide will go over some top tips to help out, as well as looking at a few ways in which Tile can ease your airport stresses.

Keep All Values in One Place to Avoid Lost Items

One of the biggest sources of stress for people at airports is the fear of losing or misplacing essential items, and those fears are not unfounded. Studies show that there are countless valuable items are left behind at security checkpoints and around airports every year, including everything from keys and phones to laptops, tablets, cameras, and more.

So, when it comes to tips on how to keep track of your stuff during and after your flight, one of the best tips to follow is to make sure you keep all of your valuables together in one place. If you have your keys in your pocket, your wallet in a bag, your laptop in a separate case, your passport in another bag, and so on, it can be really easy to lose track of one or more of those items.

If you keep everything together, like your wallet, jewelry, and tablet, in one big bag or backpack, you should experience far less stress at the airport's TSA desks, security lines, and baggage claim areas. You'll know exactly where everything is at all times, and you'll be able to access essential items like your passport and tickets whenever you need them.

You can also apply a Tile tag to your backpack. This way, if you misplace the bag anywhere, you'll be able to use Tile's app to find it, along with all of your important items and valuables.

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TSA and Security Tips to Streamline Your Check In

Going through the TSA security lines is another big source of stress for many people, so here are a few tips to help you out. 

Firstly, if you're carrying liquids or sensitive items that need to be seen by the security agents, make sure to use clear plastic bags. This will make it much easier to show off the items you're traveling with and prevent any unnecessary delays in security.

It's also a good idea to wear a simple, comfortable outfit. Not only will this help to de-stress you in general by making you more comfortable, but it will also make it easier when you're going through security if you need to remove any jackets, take off your shoes, remove belts, and so on before you step through the scanners.

Another good tip is to make the most of TSA pre-check services. The TSA pre-check program is available at hundreds of airports across the US and allows travelers to speed up the screening and security process, getting through the airport more quickly and conveniently, with fewer checks and delays along the way. The TSA blog also has some great pointers on how to plan out your upcoming trips and which items are allowed through security checkpoints.

Arrive Early to Give Yourself Enough Time to Relax

Many people stress about missing their flight or not arriving at the airport on time, and it can be really worrying if you get stuck in traffic on your way there. So, another useful tip is to make sure you get your packing and preparation done promptly so that you can leave home early on the day of your flight and arrive at the airport with plenty of time.

This way, even if there are big check-in lines or long security delays, you'll still have plenty of time to collect your tickets and have your bags checked without any worries. Plus, you'll have some extra time to grab a bite and a drink at the airport to calm your nerves, visit any airport lounges you might have access to, or roam around and enjoy the airport facilities like stores and eateries too. We found this great post from The Anxious Traveller with some more tips and tricks on how to navigate a large airport like a pro.

If you plan accordingly and have more time at the airport, you'll have more opportunities to relax and ease your worries and fears. You'll be able to comfortably make your way through security and have some free time to relax and start enjoying your vacation. After all, arriving at the airport is the beginning of the adventure!

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