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Keys in car

Tile Premium

Go beyond finding with proactive features

Upgrade to Tile Premium’s enhanced features for a more proactive and convenient experience. Smart Alerts notify you before you leave things behind, and Free Battery Replacements mean you never run out of finding power.

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Pro on keys
Performance finder.
Mate on bag
Everyday finder.
Slim in wallet
Sleek finder.
Sticker on TV remote
Stickable finder.

Tile + Skullcandy

The newest headphone with finding power

Tile and Skullcandy have partnered on the new Crusher Evo to bring finding power to your music.

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Welcome to the world’s largest lost-and-found Network

We connect people to their things and to a global network of finding power. We believe the more we connect, the more powerful we all are. Our vision is to share a world where everyone can find everything that matters.

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To help ensure you can find items when they are lost, the Tile app will collect location data even when the app is closed or not in use. Tile won’t sell this data or use it for advertising purposes.
For more details, see Tile's Privacy Policy.

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